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Cross client cross browser and roadblocks

There are all kinds of clients out there. There are the ones that don’t want to know and just disengage completely from the project. Others want fine grained control over a providers activity. Some want to get into the code and others like to tweak the front end  incessantly. Weblance is designed to help providers and clients to mesh these working […]

Defining Values in a Marketplace

When it comes to choosing a marketplace you basically have 2 choices. A generic marketplace with limited tools or a purpose built marketplace designed to help users manage schedule, scope and budget. The difference comes down to a basic question of quality and cost. The better you manage your project the better your app will be and the less […]

Managing people in app dev projects like a pro

App Developer Responsibilities   In order to be an effective app Developer you must have both people management abilities and process management abilities. The app Developer manages the work, quality, budget and deliverable dates. app Developer’s must take care of the schedule to assure the work is completed on time period and within budget.   […]

Do you need an App Consultant?

Wow, wish I knew this was around before. Coming out of a corporate environment I didn’t have much use for consultants in general. I was a bit skeptical of an app consultant. However, Brad knows his stuff and I wish I had known about him earlier. Check out this appcast! It’s a do not miss!

The Rapidly Expanding App Landscape

What if I told you that the humble application will dictate how successful your become, in a few years’ time? The app landscape is evolving at a blistering pace, and you need to make sure that you stay ahead of the dust cloud. The businesses that don’t will be swallowed up by it. Your future […]

What is the best freelance marketplace?

Frrelance marketplace comparison

Project efficiency is more than just deploying websites with less effort. It is also about cost, time and quality. By utilizing powerful project and work flow tools you are  freeing up your developers and designers from the project management tasks of building complex app builds. They are able to deploy your site much quicker. Additionally, the increased time […]