Archive | March, 2012

Develop mobile on the cheap

In the last few years the blinding pace of progress  for mobile apps have compelled developers to change the way they develop.  During this period a number of frameworks have launched to help  create  applications  quickly in order to keep up with this fast paced technology. We have listed a few of the most popular tools. Ask you developer […]

Dealing with Scope and Change

It’s important to understand how scope and change will affect the deliverable date and cost to your project before proceeding with any change. Identifying which features are subject to change is an important part of effective scope control and rapid deployment.  The good news is that scope control and change management is among one the […]

Hiring the right designer and developer

Understand your task Building and owning a website involves a series of complex details that can often be underestimated from the onset of the project. One of the primary areas that website owners underestimate is in planning. Concept, design, development, content and most and importantly maintenance planning is a well thought out and well-planned before […]